CRACKING THE UCC CODE:  This book tells how to obtain forms from every state/territory, as well as instructions for filing in every American and Canadian UCC filing office. It includes both mailing and street address, website, email address, phone, and fax for each filing office, as well as other pertinent information for each particular jurisdiction. Transmitting-utility status is beneficial in that the filing is permanent and need not be renewed every five years, as with all other types of debtors (more evidence that this is the right path), but is not a requirement for filing.   Once you know the original filing number, you can order a certified copy of your filing using the procedure in Section 7. Even though you may save time by ordering a certified copy at the time of filing, this is not always advisable. Filing offices consider it normal to provide a certified copy of a filed record (usually for use in a court case), but may regard a request for such at the time of filing as unusual. If time is not a consideration, you may want to consider ordering after you have filed. The new cover sheet offered herein (a sample appears on page 236, a blank form on page 389) lets the filing officer know that you are a knowledgeable filer, but, because of its association with this process, can also act as a signal for the filing officer and cause him/her to reject your filing arbitrarily. You need to decide what is best for you in getting your financing statement filed.

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